Local Workforce Development

Airlift enhances connectivity affordably, safely and conveniently.  By encouraging local connectivity to neighbouring towns, cities, airports, remote locations and tourist/leisure destinations, Airlift enables wider opportunities to increase economic, social and environmental engagement.  

Imagine for a moment a 15 minute commute would allow you to travel to 88km increasing your career opportunities or encouraging your commercial operations to grow exponentially having further climate positive impact, all whilst enhancing your work and life balance.  Yes that’s correct, your commutes will no longer be taxing and for employers you’ll be able to hire the best talent from the region without worrying about employee commuting times, thus redefining our definition of “local”.

Airlift offers unprecedented opportunities for regional growth and accredited zero carbon engagement being green, making our cities congestion and pollution free.

As cities embrace Airlift, local workforce and access to opportunities whether they be knowledge engagement or commercial can now scale with Airlift! We together with our partners and progressive community stakeholders are creating an equitable society and bring opportunities to local towns, cities and communities.  Transportation networks develop local workforce and employment opportunities, however Airlift is game changing and allows for exponential growth of communities and work opportunities resulting in increasing the wealth and productivity of regions and the nation.  This inevitable raises the standard of living for everyone.  No longer do you have to wait years for governments to build a new road, rail line or boat connection so you can travel to see your loved ones, Airlift infrastructure is deployable at speed creating enhanced safe connectivity with electric aircraft offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience.  Come join us on this shared journey as we rebuild our societies equitably together.


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