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Organisations globally are developing electric advanced air mobility vehicles and zero-carbon regional aircraft.  Every aspect of the wider aviation system is being re-evaluated and enhanced for the 21st Century societal needs.   

“Our mission is to develop a global EVTOL infrastructure platforms to enable air travel to be Local, On-Demand, Personal and Carbon Free.”

The Airlift Initiative is synchronous with climate impact initiatives maintaining the highest safety levels in the forthcoming new markets of air taxis in urban, rural and remote environments and distributed, sub-regional aviation and autonomous air logistics. 

We design & integrate Vertiport structures into urban environments that are purposeful, simple, efficient and beautiful. Airlift is an independent firm, working across critical social infrastructure built environments. Utilising multi disciplinary expertise, We are Shaping a Better World.

Airlift is embracing these leading innovative technologies to create the green aviation networks of tomorrow.  With our partners, Airlift is leading air space management system innovations, developing new infrastructure concepts, delivering cyber-secure / connected digital systems and new sustainable business models. In addition, Airlift has been active encouraging new regulations and policy standards with regulators, agencies and governments including the UK Civil Aviation Authority over public acceptance, social inclusion, sustainability, intrusion and safety.

We build & Operate Vertiport Globally as social infrastructure city partners.  We use Data Science AI modelling to provide municipalities with key decision making data points.

The Airlift Global Initiative is bringing stakeholders together to create an integrated aviation system that will enable the Cites, Towns and Regions to utilise greener ways of flying and living. Using new cleaner electric air vehicles we are transforming how we connect people, deliver goods and provide services. Airlift is speeding up the acceptance of these innovative air vehicles into service safely.  The Airlift nodal vertiport network is increasing mobility, reducing road congestion, improve connectivity, increase economic opportunities, introduce new services and help aviation to reduce its environmental impact around the world.


“Airlift is increasing mobility, improving connectivity in remote and rural environments and reducing congestion in urban areas for people across the world.  We are creating the aviation systems of the future that will enable the integration and safe operation of new classes of electric greener air vehicles with novel technologies accelerating the application and integration of hydrogen, electric and autonomous flight technologies to support the countries in reaching their net zero target…”


The Airlift Global Initiative is bringing stakeholder groups together to build a green connected tomorrow.  We are working closely with regulators such FAA, NASA, UK CAA, EUROCAE and ICAO standards bodies to establish safe certified operating practises.  We are a leading Future Flight and Advanced Air Mobility partner

Our Values & Commitment to a cleaner greener world supporting the UN SDGs and affordable sustainable air mobility is at the central to our collaborative work.  Our Chairman’s address discusses how Airlift is serving communities and increasing social inclusion and affordability, improving social and environmental excellence globally. With support and consensus of our world communities and stakeholders including associated NGOS, we have derived the Airlift Manifesto.

Airlift leadership team consists of senior professionals from varied backgrounds from town & airport planning, air traffic controllers, military pilots and aerospace engineers to social scientists.  Our agile innovation led approach backed by strong industry relationships and leading scientific research technologies, allows Airlift+Partners to deliver simple solutions to complex industrial challenges.  Learn more about Advisory Council and partners supporting the Airlift Global Initiative.

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