Our Expertise, Vertiports City Integration & UAM Operations

We design & integrate Vertiports into urban environments that are purposeful, simple, efficient and beautiful. Airlift is an independent firm, working across critical social infrastructure built environments. Utilising multi disciplinary expertise, We are Shaping a Better World.


Airlift is setting new standards in green sustainable aviation solutions whilst contributing actively to regulatory standards development across the globe.  We are shaping the world introducing sustainable Vertiports for Medical & Emergency Services, Passenger Air Connectivity and integrated Logistics networks.  Our holistic approach prioritises societal upliftment whilst balancing changing lifestyles and consumer needs of the 21st century.

Airlift’s expertise in negotiating the complex relationships between demand, capacity, connect time, passenger flow, regulation and development investment is shaping the passenger experience and enhancing value at many of the planned airports, vertiport hubs and associated city infrastructures.

Making vertiports and related assets work harder is core to our operational strategy.  Future uncertainties, from climate change to market volatility, mean that an agile and sustainable nodal models are necessary.  Our advanced models  allow stakeholders and strategic partners to make  informed decisions based upon robust forecasts on operational, capital, capacity and demand considerations, thus informing strategic plans for the new development of aviation infrastructure whilst navigating future possibilities.

We build & operate Vertiports Globally as social infrastructure in partnership with Towns, Cities & Municipalities.  We use Data Science AI modelling analysis to provide municipalities and regulators with key decision making data points and operational insights.

Airlift is developing sustainable green vertiport infrastructure as part of circular multi-modal transport solutions of future towns and cities.  Our future thinking is evident and aligned in conceptual studies and approaches undertaken by NASA, WEF, EC, UK DfT Aviation 2050 policy, United States DOT & DOE policies, international aviation regulators and global sustainable smart cities initiatives.

We continue to work with cities and asset owners on strategic high-level vertiport planning, development and operations to ensure readiness for rapid expansion now to ensure an inclusive, green and affordable connected air transport network of tomorrow.


“Our belief is that the enabling value of the electric aircraft opportunity also lies just underneath the sky.  It lies in the supporting landing and take-off infrastructure and advanced systems needed. It lies in cutting the cost of inter-city and intra-city travel, redirecting traffic flow to second-tier and more cost-effective airports but still achieving complete journeys at a fraction of time and cost. It lies in exploring innovative experiences that run parallel to the core proposition.  It lies in social mobility, allowing those that live in remote locations better access to employment opportunities and the financial security of their families by creating fast and easy access to and from major urban business centers.”


The Airlift Economy will enable safe, affordable and efficient regional air travel. Airlift is delivering the underlying infrastructure behind next generation air transportation hubs within cities and optimising the use of advanced AI autonomous avionics systems in accordance with regulatory and government policy to enable a robust resilient safe green circular air network.

Are you a progressive Town, City, Municipality or Community interested in learning how to benefit from the integration of Sustainable Air Mobility solutions? Lets start a conversation, email our communities & municipalities team today at partnerships@airliftglobal.co