Airlift + Partners


The support and integration of next generation aviation systems and vertiport network development initiatives with select partnerships,  allows Airlift to continue to deliver sustainable green future mobility networks of tomorrow. Connecting communities efficiently, equitably, safely and affordably is paramount to our goals.

We are:

    • increasing mobility, improving connectivity in remote and rural environments and reducing congestion in urban areas for people across the UK and communities across the world
    • creating the aviation systems of the future that will enable the integration and safe operation of new classes of electric greener air vehicles with novel technologies for integrated Passenger and Logistic operations
    • accelerating the application and integration of hydrogen, electric and autonomous flight technologies to support the countries in reaching their net zero target

Using global best practise, thought leadership and innovation, our round table of partners are futurists, technologists and pragmatists … we are working with all stakeholders including progressive municipalities to integrate certified vertiports into urban environments ensuring maximum safety.

Our partners include municipalities, airports, navigation providers, asset holders, legislative & policy advocates, infrastructure firms, consultancies, regulators and governments.  We Are Airlift.

Interested in learning more of how we may work together? Have an interesting idea, wishing to integrate or test your technology or concept? Contact our partnerships team today and join the Airlift Vertiport integration development programme.