Equitable & Inclusive

Equitable & Inclusive Access

We all love to travel in style, beautifully and glide through traffic seamlessly with enjoying a glance of nature, a city landscape and ideally the warm sun shining upon us gracefully. This no longer has to be a utopian vision, rather at Airlift we believe this a prerequisite of our vertiport lounges and the services green airlines that serve us all.

Community Togetherness

The pandemic has made society realise much, our social connections and community spirit of togetherness. Airlift believes that air travel should be inclusive and experiential, being affordable and engaging to lighten our everyday. The services offered by Sustainable Air Mobility and that of Airlift, must adhere to allow societal access and inclusiveness for everyone. Historically travel experiences have been retrospectively incorporated into mainstream for individuals who may be elderly or even physical challenged, with such societal needs being considered reluctantly.

Seamless Travel

Using Airlift proprietary advanced technologies of our network interwoven with other traditional transport providers, you will soon be able to focus on your fun activities without having to worry about how you will arrive and what travel connections you have to make at what time and where. At the touch of an App, soon Airlift will be connect you door to door to your loved ones, work colleagues and your favourite leisure activities & favourite destinations, allowing you more time to do the things you love.

Inclusive Affordability

To replace helicopters or aircraft with electric equivalents for a select few people at extortionate pricing levels serves very little societal purpose. Airlift is advocating a play fair policy amongst all our diverse stakeholders to ensure affordable and accessible sustainable air mobility services for all communities across the globe.

The Airlift Foundations is leading community re-investment initiatives.  We at Airlift + Partners are developing societal programmes to reinvest directly into our local communities by way of increasing opportunities, access and encouraging diversity, making a fairer green inclusive society for everyone, together shaping a better world. 




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