Safe Convenient Flexibility

Travel does not need to a dreadful, infact we at Airlift believe we should be gliding and our journeys should feel effortless and enjoyable.  

Each of our vertiports, are designed with safety, ambience and experiential being places of connectivity with new friends and old, travelling together or with family.  We are here to assist our network travellers so that your Airlift journey is enjoyable and pleasant.

Core to our proposition is flexibility.  Thinking of spending that extra hour at the Art gallery or on date night out, but haven’t pre-booked your flight home?  Change your booking at the touch of the Airlift companion app and make your travel plans ON DEMAND, fitting around your social and business itinerary.  We believe travel should be flexible, efficient and super convenient.  

Our network and partner agreements are committed to high efficiency standards backed by our leading technology algorithms ensure we are flexible and get you calmly to your destinations.  Airlift is travel 4.0 and we are here to help all our travellers and communities.  Whether you need assistance with your luggage, a gentle helping hand upon entering the aircraft or need to change your travel plans, come speak to our friendly team or even make a special request on your passenger App to make your trip memorable with your fellow loved ones travelling with you by playing your favourite song in flight as your flying by the city.  Who ever said travel could not be personal?

Airlift vertiport lounges are comfortable, themed and offer an Ambiental experience extending our love affair for style, pleasure and convenience but with a be green feel, good consciousness.  Our services extend even further, seen an item whilst you’ve been out for a day but didn’t want to carry it around with you? Our flexible enhanced customer services, you can order with smile knowing that upon arrival at your chosen destination vertiport, your gift or parcel will be awaiting upon your arrival before your take your taxi, car or bus.

Our vertiports are safe and certified by regulators & underwriters respectively.  We operate sophisticated unnoticeable proprietary systems to help us improve your journeys, safety and ensure your travel is uninterrupted, efficient and enjoyable.  

Airlift is a convenient way to travel, being affordable and accessible by all, our service affords us a flexible and enriching lifestyle without air pollution and being zero carbon accredited.  Ever wanted to visit or join your friends last minute on a night out, or play a round of golf at a renowned course 88 Km away and travelling no more than 15 mins door to door? Well now you can enjoyably with the Airlift Vertiport network and associated airline partners.  




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