Green Circular

Green Circular Economy

Airlift sources green energy to power and sustain its convenient local and regional air travel network.

Our power is green derived from the earth and sun.  We utilise green energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar, tidal to create energy to fuel our convenient responsible air transport vertiport network.  We are also utilising waste to energy technologies to power our vertiport network and your air journeys.  Our operations even include provisions for energy efficient lighting and heating with local energy creation and the use of green recyclable materials in vertiports and associated kitchens! Airlift is green, clean and climate positive in all our operations.

We only allow the use of electric aircraft and electric surface transport means such as electric cars, buses and even ships, to integrate with our sustainable green vertiport air network.

We use the sustainable energy to power our vertiports and aircraft and also share our energy with our travel partners as they continue their surface travel operations.  Our systems enable energy creation onsite and energy storage also and when the local community requires additional energy stabilisation and power, we can actively also assist by distributing this energy in the local community energy networks to ensure zero waste and providing necessary societal gains across the globe.

Airlift vertiports have been designed with sustainability in mind and we are climate conscious of the materials and carbon footprint created by our green vertiports and wider aviation networks.  Where possible we prefer use of local responsible supplies to our network and through the Airlift Foundation, we are continuing to act responsibly by engaging in green restoration projects across the world with our local champions and allowing our travellers to also positively offset any carbon associated with the remainder of their journeys or lifestyles.

Travel with a climate positive conscience and join the Airlift community today.  Being green and carbon free is synonymous with our ethos and that of our community of climate conscious and responsible travellers.   Being green, simply means we at Airlift working a little more conscientiously to ensure we shape a better future world for us all.

The Airlift network only accommodates the use of green electric aircraft.  We are carbon neutral and climate positive by design.


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