Sustainable Smart Infrastructure

Airlift infrastructure is smart city integrated and green.  Unlike traditional air network operators, our networks only use validated renewable ethically sourced power, energy storage and distribution systems, managed by our state of the art digital systems to deliver optimised performance.  Our advanced systems go much further, to ensure swift and safe operations with multiple actors engaged synchronously from flight turnarounds cleaning to full inflight aircraft safety checks and monitoring your safety across our network continuously both during and post flight to ensure your passenger journey is enjoyable and convenient.  Our adaptive green smart infrastructure is continuously monitoring for anomalies, your safety is paramount importance to us.  

Our systems and people are regularly independently evaluated and screened to ensure our competencies are beyond current industry requirement and are admirably world class.  Airlift smart infrastructure operators are trained to the highest standards and are engaging with professional excellence.  Our infrastructure is tested thoroughly through our independent partner to ensure reliability, rigorousness and safety, so it performs every time, at the right time for right duration, with the right data consistency for all our travel missions and that of our first responders requesting support from us to aid an emergency they are attending to.  Working proudly with our first responders seamlessly, Airlift infrastructure is flexible and adaptable to aid national emergencies and crisis management as part of unified rescue operation.  The Airlift network is smart city interoperable, green and able to respond effectively to aid emergencies safely.

Our smart intelligent systems are integrated with municipalities to enabling timely, coordinated responses as needed with all stakeholders. 

Our proprietary vertiports are having energy saving and energy generating features too.  Our digital systems are world class and designed for optimum multi nodal networks and command centre operations to the highest civilian aviation standards and additionally tested for  unpredictability in military environments to ensure consistency, robustness and adaptive contingency management.  Our systems and procedures ensure our smart city infrastructure is Sustainable & Smart by design and operation.  We even utilise carefully engineered algorithms to ensure air navigation routes are optimised with our smart city infrastructure coordination, to save energy and costs during charging cycles and supporting operations without compromising on safe performance of our networks and electric aircraft flights.  

Airlift is climate positive smart infrastructure, green optimised and sustainably powered, delivering people, goods and services continuously, each time, every time.   


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