Co-Creating Resilient Communities

Co-Creating Resilient Communities, Towns & Cities

Airlift is actively engaging with local communities and stakeholders to co-create our resilient towns, cities and rural areas.  We see a world which is green, pollution and congestion free having equitable and fair access for everyone.  As we develop our future together and shape the environments we live and work in, Airlift is working with communities to build back society with connectivity at the heart of our communities.

Cities are completely rethinking the urban mobility mix of how we move around and between locations thanks to technological advancements.   Sustainable air mobility is allowing us to take to the skies above cities to offer a sustainable green complement to ground transportation modes. But are progressive cities, businesses and communities inhabitants ready to avail the benefits of enhanced connectivity and the opportunities it brings?   We believe, the successful integration of urban air mobility hinges on co-creation with all stakeholders to ensure fairness and responsible societal integrations.

To date Airlift has been fostering co-creation themes with industry, regulators, cities, citizens and other stakeholders to understand how green advanced air mobility solutions that deliver sustainability (environmental, economic and social), can assist our changing lifestyles and societal needs.

We believe, public and wider stakeholders using open  knowledge insights and data science, should have to embrace the opportunity to shape our future and create and shape better greener future: every one of us, whether as a citizen or institution, is a valuable partner who can help decide how sustainable air mobility may improve our localities, lives and communities.


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