Sustainable Development Policy

Airlift is committed to contribute meaningfully to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, creating shared value for our stakeholders and our communities whilst safeguarding our planet. Applying our expertise, agility and creativity of thought and independence, we continue towards a progressive safe, sustainable and resilient future inclusive of all. Leveraging Airlifts sustainable development framework practise, we will shape a better connected future world.



The Airlift Global Group strategy supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals by working with stakeholders on complementary sustainable aviation initiatives including, but not limited to, climate action, sustainable cities and resilient communities.

Our collaborations with our partners and our approach to sustainable air mobility is guided by the following principles:

  • Improve human health, safety and wellbeing through the quality of the built environment and health of the planet.
  • Transition to a zero-carbon world where everyone has access to clean energy and potable water.
  • Adopt circular economy principles.
  • Enhance communities’ resilience to climate change and risks.
  • Create social value to achieve a more inclusive, equitable and just society.
  • Respect planetary boundaries and reverse the climate inaction.


Every project we undertake has a role to play in making sustainability central to Airlifts modus operandi.

The Airlift established principles guide our aviation practise and services, strategies and continue to shape the delivery of our projects globally. We continue to develop collaborative relationships with our stakeholders to deliver sustainable air mobility initiatives and invest in partnerships and ventures that enable green aviation innovation and amplify our contribution to sustainability.

We invest in learning and research to continually increase the knowledge and skills needed to safely deploy and operate sustainable air mobilities in towns and cities.

We continue to assist the most vulnerable in society through our Community Engagement programmes.

We will integrate sustainable development in our projects and corporate practices through the application of our Group Policies (Environment; Health, Safety and Wellbeing; Quality; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Ethical Conduct) and Airlift Management Systems.


This statement is made on behalf of the Airlift Group Board in line with the Policies that is set and is implemented across all Airlift Global operations through rules, procedures and guidance.

It is reviewed frequently to ensure we engage sustainably in all that we undertake.