Ethical Conduct Policy

Our values and commitment to business and societal integrity stem from a desire to act honourably and with integrity in all our dealings. We have a strong sense of responsibility to treat people respectfully and we maintain ethical business standards in all the markets in which we operate.


  • Treat our people, partners and stakeholders with honesty and fairness. Enable them to behave honourably and act with integrity in all our business dealings, building relationships as independent and trusted professionals.
  • Implement best practice and raise awareness of the ethical standards we require of our people, partners and stakeholders.

We continue to 

  • Maintain a Code of Practice and training programme for all our people.
  • Maintain procedures so that we do not engage in unethical conduct or illegal practices.
  • Implement systems that support our duty of confidentiality and respect privacy in all our business relationships. 
  • Support any team member who has legitimate concerns to challenge unethical behaviour and respond appropriately.
  • Participate in industry initiatives to promote business & societal integrity.
  • Work with partners and collaborators with due consideration that their ethical commitments are consistent with our own.
  • Keep our systems and procedures under regular review to ensure they remain relevant and proportionate.


This policy is set by the Airlift Group Board and implemented across all our operations through procedures and guidance.  

The Airlift Board & leadership act to enable us to reach the aims set out in this policy while fulfilling applicable legal, regulatory and associated requirements.