Environmental policy

Our environment is changing at an unprecedented scale.  Climate control is the key goal and at the central to government policies across the world.  Airlift seeks to protect the environment by addressing the complex challenges presented by population growth, climate change, biodiversity loss, increasing energy demand, pollution and resource scarcity.  Our approach to Vertiport development and Sustainable Urban Air Mobility is aligned to enhance our planets regeneration through the use of environmental policies, development and prioritisation.


  • Promote responsible environmental stewardship that considers economic security, social betterment and inclusion. 
  • Identify and manage our environmental impacts ensuring the protection of the environment and prevent pollution leading to a greener aviation integrated multi modal transport system.
  • Utilising sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources in our approach to sustainable Urban Air Mobility and within our Vertiport facilities.
  • Protect and promote sustainable use of natural bio diversity ecosystems.
  • Remain a Net Zero GHG emissions organisation in all our operations.

We will

Collaborate with stakeholders and partners to act on Vertiport network development opportunities supporting the sustainable integration of green aviation infrastructure into our towns & cities with the communities we serve. 

Working with our stakeholders and partners we will identify and manage relevant environmental risks, while realising sustainable air mobility objectives and improving the environmental balance. 

Approach our work holistically, making decisions based on a clear view of the environmental outcomes and impacts at a local, national and global level.

Research, develop and promote practical resilient urban air mobility and vertiport solutions to encourage the resolution of relevant environmental issues.

Airlift will work with partners, communities and collaborators with due consideration to ensure their environmental commitments and green balance is consistent with our proposed sustainable air mobility programmes for towns, cities and municipalities.

Continually improve our environmental performance through our management systems.

Prioritize decarbonization and reduce impacts of negative climate change as the Airlift programme is developed and becomes operational in society.


This Policy is set by the Airlift Board and implemented across all our global operations through our internal procedures and guidance through our Environmental Governance Committee.

The environment is adaptive and ever evolving, as are our policies to ensure Airlift is meeting the highest standards green credentials.  Accordingly our green environmental policies are reviewed frequently to ensure we meet our societal commitments.

The Airlift Environmental Governance Committee ensures that Airlift vertiport and sustainable urban air mobility programme is developed and implemented to enable us collectively to reach the aims set out in this policy and fulfilling our applicable legal, regulatory and associated requirements in a green sustainable way.