Our Expertise – Vertiports City Integration & Network Operations


Airlift’s expertise in negotiating the complex relationships between demand, capacity, connect time, passenger flow, regulation and investment is shaping the passenger experience and enhancing value at many of the planned airports, vertiport hubs and associated city infrastructure.

Airlift is setting new standards in green sustainable aviation solutions whilst contributing actively to regulatory standards development across the globe.

Making vertiports and related assets work harder is core to our operational strategy.  Future uncertainties, from climate change to market volatility, mean that an agile and sustainable nodal models are necessary.  Our data science based algorithmic models allow stakeholders and strategic partners to make informed decisions based upon robust forecasts on operational, capital, capacity and demand considerations, thus informing strategic plans for the new development of aviation infrastructure whilst navigating future possibilities.

Airlift is developing sustainable green vertiport infrastructure as part of circular multimodal transport solutions of future towns and cities.

Our future thinking is evident and aligned in conceptual studies and approaches undertaken by NASA, WEF, EC, UK DfT Aviation 2050 policy, international aviation regulators and global sustainable smart cities initiatives.

We continue to work cities and asset owners on strategic high-level vertiport planning, development and operations to ensure readiness for rapid expansion now to ensure an inclusive and affordable connected air transport network of tomorrow.